Benefits Of Lipotropic Injections For Weight Loss

The lipotropic injections are one of the top solutions to fight obesity and help weight lose. Obesity has become a serious problem in the United States, where it affects more than half of the population. It is also becoming a problem in many other parts of the world, affecting people not only in the developed countries but in the developing countries as well. Obesity is not just a problem of self image but it also creates many health risks for the organism.

Lipotropic injections are used to administrate in the body a combination of lipotropic agents composed of vitamins and amino acids, such as methionine, inositol, choline, vitamins B12 and B6. This mix of vitamins and amino acids has many benefits. Methionine is an amino acid that has a role in fat reduction and lowering cholesterol levels in the body. This amino acid in not naturally produced by our bodies. Inositol has a role in regulating insulin and serotonin in our bodies, in metabolizing fats and transferring them to the bloodstream. Choline can actively reduce fat in the liver, protecting the body from heart disease. Vitamins B12 and B6 increase have a role in metabolism of lipids in your bodies, increase our energy level, and elevate our mood. Vitamin B12 is also playing an important role in formation of red blood cells and in proper utilization of iron in the body. By those functions, vitamin B12 can help preventing anemia. Vitamin 12 is required by the body for other many important functions, such as the synthesis of proteins, the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, absorption and synthesis of foods, a proper digestion, and a healthy nervous system.

The lipotropic agents were originally used in the 1930’s, to treat the fatty liver disease. Nowadays the lipotropic agents have become popular as a weight loss treatment that can reduce fat in targeted areas of the body and reduce the health risks of obesity. They are especially useful in reversing the fat build up in organs, particularly in the liver. The lipotropic agents can also be used to dissolve fat in other areas of the body that are not responsive to exercise, such as buttocks, inner tights, or the stomach. Lipotropic injections can help patients with metabolic syndrome or diabetes, as well. Lipotropic injections can be paired with HCG hormone treatments to increase the efficacy of weight lose and fight obesity. To increase the weight loss effects, the treatment based on lipotropic agents is combined with exercising and diet. The results are impressive. Using a combined strategy of diet, exercising and lipotropic agents makes it possible to lose over 20 lbs of weight in just one month.

Benefits of using Lipo Shots 

The lipotropic injections have many benefits over other methods used for weight lose. We will discuss in detail some of their main benefits.

Fat burners and health boosters

Lipotropic fat burners can increase the body’s metabolic rate and dissolve the excess fat. They make the liver fat free and burn the fat stored in target areas in the body. That makes them a good alternative to fat reduction surgeries. By enhancing the liver function, lipotropics help detoxify the body. They can also stimulate the growth of antibodies and boost the immune system function.

Lipotropic injections have better absorption and bioavailability
Many oral supplements are sensitive to the gastric acid and have to first bypass this barrier before to be broken down in the digestive tract. The active ingredients included in the oral supplements cannot begin to exert their effects before they are properly absorbed by the body. Cheap filters and low quality nutrients can greatly decrease the bioavailability of the oral supplements. A reduced intestinal absorption makes it difficult to predict the levels of the active ingredients that finally reach the bloodstream. Injections can increase the absorption levels to the 100 percent, and provide a safe way for delivery of the active ingredients directly to the targeted body tissues and organs. By administering injections with lipotropic agents, the patients are receiving an exact dosage of active ingredients.

Rapid onset of action
Supplements taken orally have to first be digested, absorbed and metabolized in the body, before the active ingredients can reach the bloodstream. All the phases of this process can take hours before the ingredients are available to the targeted organs and tissues. Using lipo shots to administer lipotropic agents makes this process much rapid and the body can immediately have access to the active ingredients.

Lipotropic injections need less frequent dosing
The low absorption rate and the low bioavailability of the oral supplements is a major inconvenient. That creates the need that they are administered frequently in order to be effective. Some of the oral supplements need to be taken in high doses of several pills per day. Lipotropic injections avoid the inconvenience of an extensive metabolism and they can be completely absorbed by the body. They provide higher concentrations of active lipotropic agents available to target organs and tissues. The injections can also be used for creating a depot effect and the active ingredients can be released in a steady manner, progressively, over a period of time. That makes possible a less frequent dosing by using injections with lipotropic agents.

What Is The Best Value About Lipotropic Injections ?

Injections with lipotropic agents are offering high quality ingredients and they are free of contaminants and filters. The active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body without the need for extensive metabolism in the gastro-intestinal tract. All the active ingredients are available immediately. The depot effect makes possible a less frequent dosage. All those advantages make injections with lipotropic agents to offer the best value in fighting obesity and helping weight loss.

Usually the treatments based on lipotropic agents are administered twice or three times a week. There are few side effects and they might include an upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and urinary problems. The therapeutic effects and the results for weight loss depend from case to case. In average, the patients treated with lipotropic agents three times a week over a period of six months could lose three pounds per week. It is important to add diet and exercise to the treatment with lipotropic agents. The balanced appetite and increased metabolism effects of lipotropic injections continue even after stopping the treatments.

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