Monthly Archive: February 2016

Before and after review of lipotropic injections

When it comes to my effort in trying to lose weight, I can write a whole book explaining all kinds of diet pills, weight loss supplements and diet programs I have tried. I think I have tried pretty much everything under the sun, from herbal home remedies to expensive supplements and even some bizarre diet programs that starved me half to death.

Out of all kinds of weight loss solutions, I only tried a few that involve regular exercise in the program. Being a single parent with two little kids and a full time job, regular exercise is never really an option for me, the best I can do is just some short exercises on weekends, not exactly the type of routine you can rely on to lose weight. So that’s why I’m more interested in quick-fix methods to achieve my ideal weight.

Anyway, after all those troubles and money I spent, I did lose some weight but considering what I have gone through, I really think that my results are far from being satisfactory. I only lost a few pounds and I could hardly see the difference when I looked in the mirror. So the search continued until I heard about Lipotropic injections from one of my co-workers. She was talking about her cousin that has an amazing body transformation after having Lipotropic injections for weight loss procedure.