Before and after review of lipotropic injections

When it comes to my effort in trying to lose weight, I can write a whole book explaining all kinds of diet pills, weight loss supplements and diet programs I have tried. I think I have tried pretty much everything under the sun, from herbal home remedies to expensive supplements and even some bizarre diet programs that starved me half to death.

Out of all kinds of weight loss solutions, I only tried a few that involve regular exercise in the program. Being a single parent with two little kids and a full time job, regular exercise is never really an option for me, the best I can do is just some short exercises on weekends, not exactly the type of routine you can rely on to lose weight. So that’s why I’m more interested in quick-fix methods to achieve my ideal weight.

Anyway, after all those troubles and money I spent, I did lose some weight but considering what I have gone through, I really think that my results are far from being satisfactory. I only lost a few pounds and I could hardly see the difference when I looked in the mirror. So the search continued until I heard about Lipotropic injections from one of my co-workers. She was talking about her cousin that has an amazing body transformation after having Lipotropic injections for weight loss procedure. I was so interested, but I was not too desperate that I would try anything without doing any research first, especially when it involves injecting something in my body. So when I got home I began collecting information on Lipotropic injections and I found a lot of interesting facts about the procedure. I actually believed, and i still do, that it could be the perfect weight loss solution for someone like me.

What are Lipotropic Injections

The term “Lipotropic” was quite unusual to my ears, so I started my search at the Mirriam-Webster online dictionary. According to the dictionary, the word “Lipotropic” means something that stimulates the physiological utilization of fat. So to put it differently, this procedure will help your body burns fat. The basic idea of Lipotropic injections is to dissolve fat in parts of your body that are usually difficult to ‘reach’ by conventional weight loss solutions, like the liver for example.

Fat that’s accumulated in the liver could be dangerous because it might lead to some liver diseases like cirrhosis. There are several substances that are considered as Lipotropic compounds with Choline being the major lipotrope, then there are also Inositol and Methionine. These three compounds can help you lose weight.

How it Works in Helping You Lose Weight

Basically, Lipotropic injections for weight loss work by stimulating your body to release fat. The injections will deliver the compounds right to the areas in your body where there are stubborn fat molecules that just won’t go away when using conventional methods. After the fat is released from fat cells, the Lipotropic compounds then will stimulate your body to convert it into energy.

Lipotropic injections for weight loss will boost lecithin production in the liver, which will break down fat into fatty acids that have smaller molecules. Human body tends to reserve larger fat molecules for later use, while the smaller molecules tend to be used immediately because it’s easier to turn them into energy. Furthermore, fat molecules that have been broken down will mix with water inside your body, which will make it easier for the fat to be “flushed” away.


Lipotropic Compounds

Choline – This lipotrope is actually quite similar to vitamin B complex. It has been prescribed by many doctors for years due to its powerful fat burning abilities to treat liver disease. Besides its effectiveness in helping your body burns fat, Choline also helps to treat Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, memory loss and depression, that’s why according to many reviews I found, most people who use this treatment usually feel more relaxed and have better mood.

Inositol – This lipotrope is also known as vitamin B8 and it can make Choline even more powerful. It can also prevent fat from building up in your heart and liver. Furthermore, it will help your body to effectively turn the food you eat into energy. Together with Choline, Inositol can help your liver to get rid of fat more efficiently. Also just like Choline that can make you feel relaxed and serene, Inotisol can also improve your mood.

Methionine – This lipotrope has an important role in the breaking down of fats as well as helping you to have a healthier digestion. Additionally it’s also a powerful antioxidant, energy booster and helps to boost your muscle mass.


Lipotropic Injections Side Effects: Any kind of drug always has the potential to cause side effects, and Lipotropic injections are no exception. However, according to many reviews I found on the Internet during my research, only a few people experience mild adverse Lipotropic injections side effects, while most people can tolerate the injections without any problem. Usually the most common Lipotropic injections side effects are lethargy, upset stomach and tenderness on the injection spot. So far I haven’t found anyone claiming to experience any serious side effect, which is a good news.


The Treatment

After I was convinced, I decided to try this promising treatment. I conducted another research to find the right place for me to get my Lipotropic injections, and i was lucky because I found a legitimate clinic not far away from home.  Lipotropic injections can be done once a week, twice a week or three times a week. I chose to do it twice a week and after using the treatment for a little over a month, I can say that probably this is the best weight loss result I’ve got so far. I can actually see and feel the difference.

But that’s just me though, I would encourage anyone who wants to try this treatment to do a thorough research on Lipotropic injections to make it’s the right kind of treatment for you. Also make sure that you only do it in a legitimate clinic that can provide you with safe and effective Lipotropic injections procedure.



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