While lipotropic injections have been proven time and time again to help people lose weight, it quite often isn’t the first option that will people will choose. After all, there are very few people out there that like injections! Therefore, we have put together this list of alternatives to lipotropic injections. Remember, there is no method out there which is guaranteed to help you lose weight. You may need to try a few of these options to find out which one works for you.

Calorie Budgeting

Remember what we said previously how there was no guaranteed way to lose weight? Well, that was a little bit of a lie. There is, however many people will find it fairly challenging. This is calorie budgeting, or keeping tabs on the amount of calories that you use each day and how many calories you are taking in.

Each and every person out there has a base ‘calorie limit’. This limit will be dependent on your height, weight, gender, and general daily activity. This is the amount of calories that your body will be ‘burning’ without you doing anything. If you consume fewer calories than you are burning each day, then you will lose weight.

Of course, while you could ‘technically’ eat very little and sit back and wait for the weight to fall off, it is not very healthy. Instead, you will need to consume a balanced diet and exercise at the same time. If you get this right, you will find that you are able to shed your excess weight pretty sharpish. You should be working out at least thirty minutes per day.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

I am sure you have heard of acupuncture before. It is an ancient Chinese technique which has recently gained a great deal of traction in the western world. With acupuncture, thin needles will be inserted into your skin. These needles are designed to remove blockages of your Qi, the body’s energy. Now, acupuncture has evidence that it works for a variety of different conditions. While there is very little evidence related to weight loss, a number of people have reported that they noticed a significant reduction in hunger levels after undergoing acupuncture. This means that there is a chance that it will be able to eliminate one of the biggest reasons as to why people fail to lose weight; their cravings.

Acupressure for weight loss

This technique is very much the same as acupuncture. The main difference is that no needles will be used. The areas targeted will be exactly the same, however.  There is less evidence about using acupressure for weight loss than acupuncture, but preliminary studies seem to indicate that those who undergo acupressure are likely to lose weight faster.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

 This is a technique which has been proven to work numerous times for weight loss. However, you do have to remember that for hypnosis to work, you do have to want to lose weight using the technique. The hypnotist will not be able to make you do anything that you genuinely do not want to do.

When you undergo hypnosis, you will be put into a relaxed state. When you are in a relaxed state, the hypnotist will make various statements known as ‘suggestions’. These suggestions are meant to be implanted into your subconscious. This is the area of your mind which controls who you are. The belief is that by implanting these suggestions into you, you will start to make changes in your day to day life.

Hypnotism has been proven to be very effective. However, don’t expect to benefit from just a single session. This is not the movies. If you wish for this one of the lipotropic injection alternatives to work, then you are going to need to attend numerous sessions with a hypnotist.

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is absolutely fabulous for weight loss. It has recently gone through a bit of resurgence too, which means you should have no difficulty finding a yoga class in your local area. When it comes to yoga, there are two ways in which you can benefit from increased weight loss:

  • A lowering of your stress levels. This is incredibly important when it comes to losing weight. When you are stressed, certain hormones in your body start to rise. This has an impact on insulin sensitivity. Without diving too much into the science, this means that your body gets a message that says “do not burn off this fat. Store it”. This is not good and can make weight loss a whole lot more difficult. Those who engage in yoga, or any other activity which helps to reduce stress for that matter, they will find that losing weight becomes a whole lot easier. This is not the only way in which you can lose weight. However, it is one of the methods that you are able to utilize.
  • Calorie burning: while many people seem to think yoga is nothing more than a few poses that you hold from time to time, there are a few yoga styles out there designed for weight loss. They are some of the most intense activities that you will engage in too! When you opt for these weight loss methods, you will be burning a lot of calories an hour. In addition to that, you will be firming up the areas of your body such as your arms and legs. This means that not only will you be losing weight, but you will be shaping your body at the same time!

Remember, weight loss is not going to be easy. In fact, proper weight loss is going to be one of the hardest things that you have ever tackled in your life. However, if you put the work in, then you are going to end up looking far better. You are going to end up looking far healthier. This means that all of that effort is going to be worth it.